A company never grows alone, so we look for reliable and willing partners to grow with us!

Bamberg & Koga

BK is one of our great partners. Completely manages all activities in the import and export logistics chain from the exporter's outlet to delivery at the final destination (according to the negotiated Incoterm)

We are a family owned and operated business.

They hire and / or manage the activities of logistics agents (freight agents, shipping companies, customs brokers, international and national carriers, customs terminals and warehouses) promoting total control of the international flow of goods.


The Guitta Group has been operating in the market for brokerage and advisory services in foreign exchange operations since 1988.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Due to the solid results obtained since then, today it is possible to see the Guitta brand stamped on several companies and operating not only in the exchange rate, but also with insurance, customs clearance, freight, advice on foreign trade, in short, in everything related to foreign trade, providing ideal solutions for each client.


Losada Vinos de Finca

Losada Vinos de Finca is the winery that produces wines imported by Losada Import.

It is found in the northern region of Spain, and is known for its artisanal and extremely high quality production. The main cultivated grape and Mencía. Little known by the general public but much appreciated by lovers of good wines.


Acting as a provider and operator of solutions in Customs Management and International Logistics, TITO works in an ethical, technical and professional way, carrying out all the complex tasks contained in the logistical and customs processes.

Tito has qualified professionals who treat each operation with specific care, so that the processes are managed in accordance with international customs requirements.
The work methodologies adopted seek to organize and increase operational efficiency, always focusing on the continuous improvement of the services provided.

Accounting Excellence

Accounting Excellence has been a partner of Losada Import since its foundation.

It provides its customers with personalized service, guiding them in the planning of their business, providing information that will facilitate in making decisions for the growth and expansion of your company.


Collector's Cars

Collector's Cars is one of our most recent partnerships.

They had the idea of a daring project, which was to take a Gol GLR to the USA, and we at Losada Import made the whole operation feasible.

Since 2003, his goal has always been to bring together passionate about cars in the same environment; be it to share the photo of the jewel in your garage, the photos of an event or information about the newest launch.