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Good business opportunities can always be within reach. LOSADA IMPORT is at your disposal to present you with several options and make your business even more profitable.

Working with import, export and trade, our efforts are focused on the quality and personalized service of our customers.


Losada Import works with imports of products from all over the world.
We take care of the entire process, from the product's departure at the origin, to its nationalization.

We work in partnership with the best freight, shipping and air companies, thus ensuring agility, reliability and best prices.

In Brazil, in 2010 the growth with imports was 48% in relation to 2009, the main reasons for growth are the appreciation of the Real and the growth of domestic markets. If your company wants to be part of this growth, contact us and request an evaluation.


In the past, the national market was protected, making exports difficult. It doesn't exist today.
This causes foreign companies to seek Brazilian products.

The international market requires a modernization of companies that want to export their products, this helps in the development and growth of Brazilian companies.

It is proven that companies that choose to export obtain significant improvements within the company, this to serve the international market.

For Exports, there are Tax Benefits such as IPI, ICMS and others. Thus facilitating the sale to the foreign market.

RADAR / International Advisory

IMPORT RADAR - We enable your company to import by obtaining the Import Authorization also known as RADAR.

INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY - The Losada Import team visits the main fairs in the world to obtain information and learn about market trends. With that we can search for suppliers, make price surveys of products to be imported.

We have all kinds of lists and tables of taxes and tax classifications of goods, facilitating the contact and understanding of the needs of each company. We make all contact with companies worldwide.

Losada Import Co.

Losada Import, since 2016, also operates in the American market. We count on the company Co-sister Losada Import Company. Located in Florida, the company facilitates us in import and export procedures between Brazil and the United States.

We have a team specialized in the American market.