In 2017 Losada Import became an importer and distributor of first-rate wines.



Losada Import started importing 3 labels from the Losada Vinos de Finca winery, they are: Losada, Altos de Losada and La Bienquerida. All of them have as their main characteristic the Mencía grape, grown in the Bierzo region, in Spain.

The Bierzo designation of origin reappeared in the late 1990s, as one of the main areas in Spain for the production of modern red wines thanks to the vision of a group of young winemakers. The Mencía variety has been cultivated in the region since the Middle Ages. The continental climate of Atlantic influence together with the geography that protects it from the coolest winds in the Atlantic and the mosaic of small plots of old vineyards, make this historic region the perfect aptitude for offering red wines of great authenticity.


Our labels are available in the best bars and restaurants in São Paulo.